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Spiral – The new album is out

Spiral – The new album is out

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Efrat Bezarckon
Zen Shiatsu Therapist

Usually I felt hoarse after long conversations. So I found Vocal Yoga and took private lesson from Abigail. Abigail carefully listened to me. After the first lesson I felt that my voice when I am speaking and also singing is free ,also the whole body. Abigail Vocal Yoga method is highly recommended.

Moshik roth

During VocalYoga class the pressure how I am going to sing was simply removed. –Somehow you feel relaxed and can control your voice and its inside source. I am very grateful to Abigail for such a change that she was able to master

Michal Deckel
Yoga Teacher 

When Abigail started to sing the tears simply flew, from the enjoyment.

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